Mobile Trailer Platform

  • Single axle steel torsion trailer that meets U.S. DOT requirements
  • Insulated for year-round deployment in extreme weather conditions
  • Lightweight for easy towing to desired location (2,865 lbs. wet)
  • Corner stabilizer jacks for lateral stability when mast deployed
  • Fully secured external wiring to prevent tampering
  • Locking equipment storage bays
  • Three-piece, telescoping steel tower assembly with 30’ max height
  • Electric winch power with top/bottom limit switch
  • Removable “head unit” for quick camera swapping
  • Lightning rod for electrical grounding during storms
  • Onboard motion detectors and GPS tracking for vandalism and theft
  • Two-way audio broadcast for onsite announcements
  • Quick setup guide and operator manual

When we set out to engineer the Mobile Camera Tower system, our goal was to deliver quality and performance at a price point that was affordable to the market. With over a decade of experience designing and delivering commercial security systems, we were well equipped to specify the various components of a mobile system and then integrate them using a proprietary electrical design that would ensure long-term, sustained, off-grid operation.

We invite you to explore the power that the Mobile Camea Tower will deliver for you. We are standing by to answer any questions you have or to deliver that power to your organization.